Apollo 11, 50th Anniversary

Writing Style

Apollo 11 Space-Flown Kapton Foil

Kapton Foil is very thin thermal shield applied as a tape to the outside of the Apollo 11 Command Module.  This reflective tape was designed to keep astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins safe from the extreme heat of re-entry through our atmosphere.  After re-entry, and splashdown in the Pacific Ocean July 24, 1969, Command Module 'Columbia' was washed and scrubbed of all remaining Kapton Foil as part of its initial quarantining.  Once deemed safe, these small, fire-charred pieces of foil were given as gifts to NASA employees as mementos of the moon-landing mission.  The Command Module was the only part of the entire mission to reach the moon and return to Earth; all other pieces of Saturn V were jettisoned in space or left on the lunar surface.  Our Kapton Foil comes from the private collection of William 'Bill' Whipkey; a former NASA engineer and head of the machine shop during Apollo 11's creation.

.925 Sterling Silver, Fine Enamels, & Moon Dust

When designing a pen for such a momentous and consequential moment in time, we knew we had to use the finest materials available.  The entire construction of the pen, inside and out, is .925 sterling silver.  You'll find no platings here, only solid sterling throughout--giving this pen a satisfying weight in your hand.  The onyx black sections are fine enamels over sterling silver, providing a gorgeous depth and reflection, warding off scratches.  Just below the surface of the enamel is high-relief silver, illustrating the famous picture of Buzz Aldrin on the moon, as well as a lunar surface map.  This map plots the course that Armstrong and Aldrin took to explore the moon and take samples.  In the rear finial features a crescent moon, filled with lunar meteorite.  What finer companions than Kapton foil from humanity's first journey to the moon, and actual material from the moon's surface?

American Made & Limited to 500 Pens

500 individual and numbered pens are being produced in this series.   We pride ourselves on quality over quantity, in producing the finest writing instruments possible utilizing the most interesting and unique historical items.  These high standards, especially when requiring American production, keeps our volume low, our quality high, and our clients as friends.

Packaging & Options 

Two writing options are offered in this series, a rollerball and a fountain pen.  Both versions come packaged in a gorgeous gift box and sleeve with a suede pouch and paperwork book.  The fountain pen is a cartridge converter and uses a steel Jowo nib.  Nib size is medium unless specially requested otherwise.

Cancelled orders are non-refundable, though the balance of the order may be applied to the purchase of any other product we offer.  Upon receipt of delivery, if you are unhappy with your purchase, your pen may be returned and re-stocked for a fee, and the balance of your order applied to any other product we offer.