Earthly Elements

Every pen from the Elements Collection is made using elements found on the Periodic Table.  Carbon, Iron, & Copper are currently offered.  Carbon fibers are woven together to create the deep, dimensional effect while Iron & Copper are hammered into thin sheets to create the riveted, industrial look.  All Elements are sealed in a glassy, protective resin to protect the intricate, delicate materials.

Made in America, For You

Our pens are only made in America utilizing the finest machinist and artists available.  Engraving services are also offered for this collection, perfect for commemorating a special date or individual.


Three version of this pen are available: a fountain pen, rollerball, & ballpoint.  The fountain pen (configurable as a rollerball & vice-versa) is a stately size while the ballpoint is smaller and perfect for a pocket.  All versions come in a beautiful gift box with signed paperwork.