What's in a pen?

Posted by Jeremy Piper on

Have you ever thought about what’s in a pen?  To some it's merely a tool.  Something you don't think twice about.  Maybe the only time you think about pens is when you can't seem to find one.  To others, a pen is a brand, a story, a status symbol, or even a work of art.  There are many elements to consider when choosing a pen; the top three being look, feel, and love.


What sets brands apart and marks the difference between a 'nice looking pen' and 'a work of art' is love and passion.  Our eyes will scan an object and immediately return a 'yes' or 'no' verdict.  Your first impression is usually correct.  The next discerning step is feel.


Feel may be the most personal aspect of a pen purchase.  Fit, finish, quality, weight... where our eyes can play tricks, our fingers tell no lies.  Holding a pen in ones hand and examining with ones fingers is the validating or disqualifying step.  The cap should unscrew smoothly from the body.  Ones pen should feel weighty in the hand, self-providing the pressure needed to write.  The materials should be hearty, to stand the test of time, and fit together perfectly, leaving no gaps or rough edges.  When creating pens is rooted in love, these qualifiers are never overlooked.


Looks are important, as they capture ones flair and style, but the mark of a good brand goes far beyond creation simply for creations' sake.  It should capture not just style, but soul.  Who designed your pen?  Who made your pen?  What was the inspiration?  What sort of materials were used?  Is there anything important or significant about this pen that isn't immediately obvious?  What’s its story?  A unique pen built with love and passion is a talking point, it inspires conversation and curiosity.

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