Apollo 11 50th Anniversary

Featuring space-flown Apollo 11 Kapton Foil and Lunar Meteorite, this is a gorgeous way to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing.  This limited pen series boasts a .925 sterling silver construction with complimentary Onyx black enameling.  Own an American Made piece of history.


Declaration of Independence

The newest addition to our 1776 Collection, this series features chestnut timber from the original construction of Independence Hall & a gorgeous rendition of Trumbull's 'Declaration of Independence' hand-painted by Lynn Peterson.



Though these wooly mammoth teeth are over 10,000 years old, their colors & patterns excite us still today.  It's easy to fall in love with these gorgeous, prehistoric treasures.



The Chronos series captures the spirit of watchmaking within a single pen.  Master jewelers delicately bend the finest Swiss dials & hundreds of individual components & apply them to carbon fiber.  A single Chronos pen requires over 6 hours of hand-work & is simply a labor of love.