Golden Pheasant

Original Artwork by Lynn Peterson.

Lynn Peterson is a world-renowned miniature artist who works in gouache & oils to create gorgeous works of true art for us.  Each pen, depending on medium & subject, takes upwards of 8-12 hours to paint by hand.  Lynn starts with nothing but a plain metal pen, fine paints & brushes, & her 30+ years of miniature painting experience to produce these works. 

1 of 1 Limited Original

Though Lynn works on larger numbered series of pens, being a true artist at heart, she loves to create rare & impressive 1 of 1 original works as seen here.  Lynn tells us these original masterpieces are where she "can spread her wings" & let her creative hand paint freely.


For this 'Golden Pheasant' masterpiece, Lynn found inspiration in antique Chinese lacquer boxes, beautifully decorated with gold inlay & painted pheasants.  From her sketches & story of inspiration, we matched her gold-foil, hand-painted cap with a body made from Huanghuali.  Huanghuali (ancient flowering pear) is a Chinese tree that was harvested to extinction during the Qing dynasty.  It was the 'wood of the royalty' & used in the construction of thrones, tables, beds, cups & bowls, anything & everything for the royal families.  Though incredibly rare, there is no better fitting material for Lynn's creation.

This pen is delivered in our gift box as a fountain pen (with ink), rollerball converter, & with a certificate signed by the artist.  As always, our pens are created, start-to-finish, in America.

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