White House

Pine lumber built into the White House circa 1815.

This pine was built into the heart of our democracy as part of the restoration effort following the burning by the British in 1814.  It was not until a renovation Calvin Coolidge, in 1927, that this wood was removed & documented.  For 112 years this pine supported the roof of the Executive Residence; now it is the center of our historical series.

Original Artwork by Karen Libecap.

Using John Plumbe Jr.'s photo (1846), the earliest photograph ever taken of the White House, for reference, Karen Libecap hand-paints each pen in fitting, monotone oils.

Limited 30 Pen Series

From start to finish, concept to construction, Eagle pens are made & assembled in America.  We collaborate with select artists, jewelers, & machinists to create limited edition works.


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