Golden Pheasant
Golden PheasantGolden PheasantGolden PheasantGolden Pheasant

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1 of 1 pen, original artwork by Lynn Peterson.

This 'Golden Pheasant' edition was designed by Lynn and inspired by ancient Chinese lacquer boxes, often showcasing beautiful birds and bright plumage.  Based on her original sketches and color palette, Eagle crafted a complimentary body from Huanghuali wood, translated to 'Ancient Flowering Pear'.  Huanghuali was the wood of the royalty during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and was used to create beds, plates, cups, thrones, tables, and much more for the royal families.  Such a love for the deep red and orange of Huanghuali slowly led to over-harvesting and the eventual extinction of the trees.  Today, grand Huanghuali desks, thrones, and table sets reach millions of dollars at auction.

The cap of the pen features a base of 24k gold foil, creating a gorgeous luster that enhances the gouache, hand-painted artwork.  The Golden Pheasants themselves feature diamond dust in the colorful feathers, capturing the natural iridescence of the beautiful birds.  In keeping with the Qing Dynasty period, Lynn painted the Pheasants in a classical Audubon style.  The entire pen is sealed with a glassy lacquer, protecting the artwork and Huanghuali for generations more.

Lynn Peterson, a world-renowned and accomplished miniature artist, creates special gouache and oil pen lines for Eagle. Each pen is truly unique and requires, on average, 8 to 12 hours to complete. Lynn is truly unique in her abilities to paint in such detail, but also to paint directly on the round surface of the pen body. She honed these abilities as a young artist, painting on the shells of quail and duck eggs. 

Every pen ships quickly via insured FedEx delivery, compliments of Eagle Pen Company.

If you require overnight delivery or have specific delivery instructions please contact us.

Unused pens purchased on the Eagle website or in person from an Eagle representative may be returned within 14 days of purchase for an exchange.  Refunds are available, less a $100 restocking fee.  Not applicable to custom or engraved pens.

Eagle Pen Company creations are of the upmost quality and workmanship.  Every pen is hand-tested for quality and compliance before shipping.  Because of this trust in our product, Eagle Pen Company offers a warranty on manufacturing for the life of the pen.  If a component fails due to manufacturing error it will be fixed or replaced as quickly as possible by Eagle Pen Company.

If a pen has been damaged or is not functioning correctly, please send it to us for an immediate assessment and review of next steps for refurbishment and repair.

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Interested in creating your own custom masterpiece?  Contact us for assistance.

Interested in creating your own custom masterpiece?  Contact us for assistance.





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