Space Shuttle Columbia

Original Artwork by Lynn Peterson.

Lynn Peterson is a world-renowned miniature artist who works in gouache & oils to create gorgeous works of true art for us.  Each pen, depending on medium & subject, takes upwards of 8-12 hours to paint by hand.  Lynn starts with nothing but a plain metal pen, fine paints & brushes, & her 30+ years of miniature painting experience to produce these works. 

1 of 1 Limited Original

Though Lynn works on larger numbered series of pens, being a true artist at heart, she loves to create rare & impressive 1 of 1 original works as seen here.  Lynn tells us these original masterpieces are where she "can spread her wings" & let her creative hand paint freely.


For this 'Columbia OV-102' masterpiece, we approached Lynn with a space-age idea & material.  We acquired a small swatch of space-flown thermal blanket from Space Shuttle Columbia OV-102, a famous shuttle that had flown 27 NASA missions over 22 years of service.  Immediately she returned sketches to us, utilizing the entire pen's surface, splitting a rendition of the shuttle launch as well as orbit around the Earth.  Lynn inlayed thin golden strips from the blanket in the physical painting (seen on the solid rocket booster), gold-infused paint in the launch exhaust & sunrise, and crushed meteorite (from Campo del Cielo) on top of black paint to create a beautiful 'night sky of stars'.

This pen is delivered in our gift box as a fountain pen (with ink), rollerball converter, & with a certificate signed by the artist.  As always, our pens are created, start-to-finish, in America.

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