Washington Crosses the Delaware

Horse chestnut planted by George Washington circa 1794.

During the last years of his life, George Washington planted 13 horse chestnut saplings in Downtown Fredericksburg, VA & named them for the 13 original colonies.  The last remaining tree, the Georgia Tree, was felled in 2004 & preserved.  From that same Georgia Tree we created this honorary series.

Original Artwork by Karen Libecap.

Using Emanuel Leutze's 'Washington Crossing the Delaware' (1851) for reference, Karen Libecap hand-paints a miniature likeness in monotone oils. 

Limited 76 Pen Series.

From start to finish, concept to construction, Eagle pens are made & assembled in America.  We collaborate with select artists, jewelers, & machinists to create limited edition works.


Two versions of this series are offered, a Red-Letter edition and a Ballpoint.  The Red-Letter edition is a fountain pen (configurable as a rollerball) featuring hand-painted artwork and historic material while the Ballpoint solely features the historic material.  Both versions come inked and prepared in a beautiful matching box with a display shard of the historic relic and signed paperwork.

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